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Yintech CTP machine technique advantages


Yintech CTP machine technique advantages

1. Full connectivity with any workflow
Yintech CTP platesetter is applicable to any CTP workflow with seamless connectivity.

2. Top quality core components
Yintech CTP is incorporated with the world's top brand laser diode and top grade maglev rails. Precision chemical handled surface of the external drum with swing beat less than 5 microns, never worn. Highly reliability of the plate clamp system with million times fatigue testing and more than 5 million hours record of non-plate-flying.
3. Higher run length

Yintech CTP ensures very clear and sharp dot and high run length. Day light operation. Failure of any channel of laser diode will not stop the CTP. The CTP can use the remaining channels to work. Therefore, Yintech CTP ensures continuous production and maintenance convenience.

4. Dynamic autofocus

The performance of the platesetter is mostly decided by precise focus control. Plate output quality is derived from the consistent laser spot precision. Yintech CTP utilizes the third generation dynamic focusing technology. The precise distance measuring system can detect the subtle change in distance of 0.1 microns. Driven by the voice coil motor, Yintech CTP can track the changes in the plate surface to adjust the longitudinal position of the lens, to ensure a constant distance between the lens. Yintech dynamic autofocus can also avoid the fine dust from the surface of the photosensitive drum caused by blue spots, blue halo problem. Each spot is exposed in the best focal length to ensure the consistent, clear and sharp dot.


5. Unique dot control technology

Yintech unique graphical calibration technology can perfectly reproduce rectangle, eliminating dimensional deviation caused by different plate thickness. Yintech CTP can make precise compensation for dot gain problem caused by the laser spot size. Yintech CTP can perfect perform 1% to 99% step. One single CTP plate registration accuracy is 5 microns. It can reach 20 microns after calibrating with two different Yintech CTP’s.
6. External drum exposure
Yintech CTP utilizes DDS technology to ensure the phase jittering frequency within 1/32 pixel, to ensure straight and smooth vertical and horizontal line. Yintech drum system balance block can automatically adjust to the new location up to only 5 seconds to adjust, to switch instantaneously for various sizes of plates. In addition, Yintech CTP utilizes the printing press type to curve and clamp the plate, exposes consistent high quality dots. 

7. Automatic energy balance

The temperature control system inside the laser constant shielding box can automatically precise temperature to plus or minus 0.1 degrees. And at a precise temperature condition, laser intensity can be automatically calibrated every 8 hours to ensure the consistence of the laser energy.


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