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what is positive ctp plate what is negative ctp plate?


In fact, the Yintech CTP plate-making machine can print the CTP negative plate or the CTP positive plate. The printed effect is basically the same.

Just in the process of rinsing, the negative ctp plate is washed out of the position where there is no exposure, and the positive ctp plate is washed out.

Why, because the position of the negative image exposure is the position of the graphic, it needs to be preserved when flushing, and the position of the positive image exposure is a blank position, which needs to be washed off.

Therefore, when the 1-bit tiff is imported into the CTP, it is necessary to select whether to use a negative or a positive image to expose.

For the negative ctp plate, you need to import the negative image. For the positive ctp plate, you need to import the negative image.

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