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Revitalizing Future- Yintech Industrial Park has been officially completed



In order to meet demands of big market, further consolidate existing advantages, and expand market territory, the first phase of Yintech Industrial Park officially started construction on October 20, 2022. In June 2023, the first phase was officially completed and has entered the final decoration stage. Since 2012, Yintech new factory has relocated in Xiangtan High tech Zone, Hunan. with a total investment of approximately 600 million RMB from local government, with a total construction area of over 26000 square meters, including four standard factories with multi-story. The new R&D center built in the first phase will further strengthen innovation capabilities to better support needs of customers in China and even around the world.

Yintech Industrial Park is also an important driving force for Xiangtan High tech Zone to build a high-end intelligent manufacturing industry innovation cluster. The completion of this project will further enhance the core competitiveness and development level of the high-end intelligent manufacturing industry innovation cluster in the entire area. It is also a new starting point for us to achieve high-quality development. After completion, the production capacity and output value will greatly increase, injecting strong momentum into promoting high-quality development of printing industry.

Nowadays, more than ever before, our clients need to explore innovative solutions in pursuit of a sustainable future. By expanding Industrial Park, we can respond more quickly to a increasing demand of China and even global markets. Innovation is the key to achieving future sustainable development and business growth, ensuring success, and marking another milestone for us. Through continuous investment in R&D, we are committed to improving our local innovation capability, especially in the fields of digital inkjet printing equipment, laser imaging equipment, etc., to develop, and win together with customers.

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