Тrump BRUTАLLY Аttаckеd Following Chаrlottеsvillе Rаlly – Look Who Thrеw Thе First Punch

After allegedly failing to specifically denounce the white nationalism which was considered to be the main driving force of the horrific protest which took place in Charlottesville, Virginia, this Saturday, President Donald Trump has been widely condemned by liberal Social Media users.

While the POTUS blamed many sides for the violence and urged the Americans to love one another for being one during a press conference earlier this Saturday, his statement apparently wasn’t enough for a number of people, who launched their criticism at him, considering that the members of the “Alt-Right” and white nationalists were the main ones responsible for the demonstrations which led to the chaos.

A number of media members, prominent Americans as well as national leaders, both Republican and Democrat were quick to judge Trump’s actions, urging him to go further with his comments and specify the ones truly guilty of the violent protest:

While many did not approve of his word-play given the specific situation, the protests which took place were indeed marked with widespread violence, reaching a boiling point in the afternoon when a car ran through a group of hundreds of demonstrators, taking the life of one person and injuring 19 more, with the Virginia governor immediately announcing a state of emergency situation.

Despite the criticism received, President Trump did mean what he said, with the White House having provided further information regarding his comments:

Seemingly unaffected by the negative comments concerning the white nationalism allegations, the POTUS gave a speech in regards of the unpleasant event: