LOOK: Tеrrifying Sаtеllitеs Imаgеs Rеvеаl Unprеcеdеntеd Chаngе Of Strikе Tаctics In North Korеа

A new report regarding North Korea’s threats and the overall pressure happening over to their Peninsula, notes that leader Kim Jong Un expressed no doubts about proceeding with his plan to attack America. Apparently, a Pentagon insider told them about “highly unusual and unprecedented levels” of activity  in North Korea’s submarines and missiles carried within.

The Romeo submarines had been fleeting together and were noticed somewhere at the Sea of Japan, which is a rather odd destination for them. Over to the Sinpo subs, a kind of missile test was taking place. In addition, photos of a satellite monitoring all Romeo-class subs show they retrieved to their republic, while the main activity is happening over at the Sinpo base.

This forced experts to believe that, in an unpresumed way, Kim Jong Un might strike from underwater.

Sinpo submarines were also spotted covered up, obviously to hide what is taking place underneath. The very same thing occurred back on June 9, when North Korea did its first missile testing. With the subs’ ejection system in place and ready, we cannot help but feel this is how everything is going to go down.

Another thing to be mindful of is the expanded area of the Sinpo subs base. As far as Kim Jong Un is concerned, he was warned several times by President Donald Trump to stand back and rethink his rebellious decisions, before America responds in ‘fire and fury.’

The only question now is whether Jong Un will be willing to listen?