Colbеrt Аnd Othеr Cеlеbs Slаmmеd Trump Аt Еmmys- Kеllyаnnе Conwаy Dеstroys Аll Of Thеm

Kellyanne Conway, the White House counselor had a critical message for the liberal snowflakes and Hollywood celebrities which attended the Emmy Awards, telling them to stick to entertainment and stay out of politics.

During her appearance on President Trump’s perhaps favorite news show ‘Fox & Friends,’ Kellyanne went on to criticize the awards ceremony after they kicked off the whole show by blasting and mocking the commander-in-chief. In fact, the Emmys were so well-planned to rant against Trump, that even Pete Hagseth, the host of ‘Fox & Friends’ referred to the show as a “three-hour celebrity political rally.”

Conway then intervened to explain, “They have a right to speak, but… Between the Emmys, the Miss America Pageant was very politicized, our sports have become very politicized — and it looks like the ratings are suffering.”

After she ended her barrage of comments against the liberals who used the show to express their own views through ranting against Trump, Conway then stepped into defense of President Trump, saying “You are showing the world that you’re so easy with an insult about our leader. I think that’s really unfortunate,” before she moved on reveal how she felt glad when she saw a familiar face such as Sean Spicer, who attended the Emmys to mock himself and give everyone a good laugh, swirling things around from politics. ”

“Spicer is a man of good humor, he has been quoted recently saying life outside is much more relaxed. I’m happy for him,” Conway said.