Jimmy Kimmеl Thrеаtеns Fox Nеws Host – Whаt Hе Sаid Will Givе You Chills

Most of us are already familiar with the threats and insults the liberals constantly throw at conservative supporters of President Donald Trump and Republicans alike, but things have recently started spiraling out of control. For starters, long-time vocal critic of the president, Jimmy Kimmel made a threat during the airtime of his show, saying that he will pound a host from New Fox when he sees him.

Jimmy Kimmel’s threat followed not long after host Brian Kilmeade from “Fox & Friends” slammed the late-night TV personality Jimmy Kimmel for pushing his liberal healthcare agenda during his monologue on Tuesday night all while referring to Republican Sen. Bill Cassidy, as “a liar” in regards Cassidy’s goal to protect the people with pre-existing conditions.

Kimmel as we all know is a huge supporter of ObamaCare as well as a close friend of former President Barack Obama, so it makes it pretty much clear why he would see anyone who opposes the act as a threat and his enemy and would make threats against them.

That was when he launched his attack at the Fox host, saying that every time they cross paths, he “kisses my a** like a little boy meeting Batman” before going on to issue his now-startling threat, “I don’t get anything out of this, Brian, you phony little creep. Oh, I’ll pound you when I see you,” before going on to accuse Trump for just wanting to get rid of ObamaCare since it has Obama’s name on it.

As soon as he made his remarks, Social Media users immediately took it to Twitter to bring the Late Night show host back to earth, and give him a taste of his own hateful medicine.