Ѕоuth Коrea Ѕhоws Тrump thе Оnе Тhing Nо Оthеr UЅ Prеѕident Hаѕ Ѕеen Bеfоre

President Trump and First Lady Melania continued their 12-day five-country trip yesterday by departing Tokyo on their way to South Korea to meet with President Moon Jae-in.

Trump and Jae-in will be tackling the issue of escalating threats from North Korea and discussing the best way to deal with the tense situation.

There is a typical protocol when diplomats from different countries meet each other, but President Moon Jae-in shocked President Trump when he met him personally after Trump had landed at Camp Humphreys, a military base in South Korea.

Moon Jae-in was waiting for Trump as he deplaned at the military base. This is a break in typical protocol and is officially an honor that no other US President has had before.

South Korea is showing Trump the RESPECT that no other US President has been able to earn. Moon Jae-in proved this when he chose to break with protocol and surprise Trump at the US military base! This is HUGE!

This is why we elected President Trump. When he speaks, other countries listen and respect what he says.

Just watch the short clip below of how a South Korean news company reported on Trump and Melania’s arrival (Note: It’s WAY different from how US mainstream media documents our great President):

While liberals back home complain and disrespect Trump, world leaders revere him and that is an important distinction because it means America is respected under Donald Trump!

The media is NOT reporting on this so Trump is counting on us to make this go VIRAL! Let’s SHARE this all over social media and tell the world that Trump is making America GREAT again!